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XYWAV Standup Champions

XYWAV is an oral oxybate to treat narcolepsy in people 7 years of age or older. The goal for this project after we launched in 11/20 was was to create an experience where patients could connect with other patients through watching videos, getting real patient quotes, and submit their story to empower themselves in their XYWAV treatment journey. We came up with the name, the logo, the concept for the content and type of video we wanted to film, and the look/feel. It became a part of the patient website experience, created a separate tab, and it is now live. I co-lead this project in terms of creative assets for logo, video concept, look/feel, setting up the shoot, working with editors post shoot, finalizing videos, laying out components to hold videos, page flow, and created the animate on hover function for the video thumbnails on desktop. click here to check out live site

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