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UX certified projects


GOAL: To gain more knowledge and experience in UX design and get certified at the UX Design Institute. To use this knowledge and incorporate it into my website (and other) design jobs. (

CHALLENGES: Took place during covid times, so lots of remote direction, and amped-up communications were necessary. Projects were lofty and it took a lot of spearheading groups and taking responsibility for turning in useful projects that I could showcase later in my portfolio. Creating a fictitious airline company, logo was optional, but total of about 12 projects to thoroughly capture all that goes into proper UX research, data collection, organized learnings, creating user flows, mapping out journeys, conducting usability tests while recording, wireframes, and low-fi prototyping using Adobe XD.

SUCCESS: Graduated and received my certificate in December 2020. I’ve been utilizing all that I’ve learned, putting it towards my jobs, and will continue to put this certificate to good use!






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