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GOAL: Take existing campaign and rebrand it – highlighting the fast on-demand efficacy. CSL Behring was going to launch a new product for preventive use, so they wanted to reposition Berinert as an acute option.

PROCESS: New creative campaign involving start-to-finish tactics. Including brainstorming for new concepts, research, and testing the top 5 concepts in high-fidelity renderings. Presenting to clients. Then I created storyboards for the photo shoot, working with the client on photographer and talent selects, and pre-pro creation for the onsite photoshoot. Worked with retouching and post-production team, presenting to clients. Then! Created all the layouts for both CON and HCP websites. Also created other supporting materials, found in the Pharma portfolio.

END RESULT: The client was very pleased, and relationships grew between the client and the agency, from having them at the photo shoot and presenting constantly keeping them informed, and delivering on time. 



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