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  • Young Hagio Moto was a phase I went through thanks to my dad. You’ll see later the grandmaster flash himself on his Harley Wide Glide, but he also loved to tinker with bicycles he would get and custom remake. He was crafty, and when he was done, he was so excited, he made us try them out. This started my love affair of rolling on wheels.

  • I was brought up with a very creative father, Kunio Hagio, who at the time, was trying to make a career as a commercial illustrator, and he did! I saw him make it to the top of his game. So inspiring! His father, my grandfather was very creative as well, but wound up opening a printing business after they got out of the Japanese internment camps. His printing company called Graphic Finishing in the west loop, closed back in 2008.

  • I bought my first motorcycle in 2018. Got to know about this all female motorcycle group called "the Bleeders" through this store by my house called Tarnish. Nic invited me to a couple rides, I enjoyed them, and met some great friends. Still belong, still support my fellow riders, I look forward to riding when I'm not. I've caught the bug. My Suzuki TU250 might soon be replaced with a Triumph Street Twin. Stay tuned

  • Occasionally I like to jump in the car and pop over to the Art Institute of Chicago for some eye candy and inspiration.

  • It all started with pops making custom choppers for bicycles


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